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Hans U. Fuchs
Modeling of Uniform Dynamical Systems
A System Dynamics Approach
with Contributions by Karl Weber and Edy Schuetz
Orell Füssli, Zurich, 2002, ISBN 3-280-02771-3
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Description. This is a book on modeling and simulation of dynamical systems. It consists of a text book and a CD containing a Computer Based Training unit with many models and data that should make practice oriented learning a reality. The electronic materials are not dependent upon any specific operating system of your computer.
This book provides introductory materials useful for first or second year university courses on system dynamics modeling in the sciences, engineering, social sciences, and management. The contents are based on introductory physics and system dynamics courses which have been taught over the course of many years. The practical parts of the book and CBT unit do not presume previous knowledge of higher mathematics or the sciences.

I have retaken the copyright for Modeling of Uniform Dynamical Systems from the publisher in 2007. The book and electronic materials are now available online.

Online (Web) Version of MUDS



1 Process Thinking, Dynamic Modeling, and Learning

2 From Model Structure to System Behavior


3 The Structure of Models

4 Analysis of System Behavior

5 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations