Fuchs: Modeling of Uniform Dynamical Systems  —  CBT Chapter 1
CBT Chapter 1 — Process Thinking, Dynamic Modeling, and Learning


Here begins our lab for system dynamics modeling in the form of a computer based training unit (for short, CBT). It is an important part of the first TWINS module on Modeling of Uniform Dynamical Systems. I hope that you will use it extensively to get the practical experience necessary for successful independent modeling.
The chapters of the CBT parallel the chapters of the text. The first two chapters presented here contain guides to building the models discussed in the textbook. Beyond that you will be confronted with exercises, questions, problems, and additional modeling assignments in Chapter 2.
The tools used in this CBT—apart from what you want or need to document your work—are the program Stella (High Performance Systems Inc., Hanover, New Hampshire) for system dynamics modeling, and Excel (Microsoft) or an equivalent program for data handling and some simple spread sheet calculations. The models presented in Stella can all be transferred to similar system dynamics software (such as Berkeley Madonna, Powersim, Vensim, ModelMaker, or Simulink).

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