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Hans U. Fuchs
is a professor of physics and system dynamics at Zurich University of Applied Sciences at Winterthur, Switzerland. His current interests are in didactics (system dynamics and physics, learning environments), linguistics as it relates to understanding of physical processes, and dynamical theories of heat. He is the author of text books on physics, thermodynamics, and system dynamics modeling.

Georges Ecoffey
is a retired professor of physics at the University of Applied Sciences at Fribourg, Switzerland where he designed studio learning environments. He is currently writing a physics text book that will be published with Presses Polytechniques Universitaires Romandes in Lausanne.

Edy Schütz
teaches engineering and physics at the professional high school in Uster, Switzerland. He designs physics experiments for studio learning environments and organizes and teaches courses for teacher education. He is the author of a recent high school physics text book together with Hans Fuchs and several other colleagues.