Some materials for Temporal Patterns and Modeling

A short introduction to the modeling-experimental bi-cycle by way of an example (Chapter_01_Modeling.pdf).

An introduction to formulating and working with Initial Value Problems (NTS_IVPs.pdf).

Internet Resources

H. U. Fuchs: Modeling of Uniform Dynamical Systems. A book and CBT for dynamical modeling.

Craig W. Kirkwood: A System Dynamics Resource Page, including a pdf file (System Dynamics Methods: A Quick Introduction) describing SD modeling. Modeling of dynamical systems in business and society.

Robert Hanneman: Dynamical Models in Social Science. A Website. Including Spatial Dynamics of Human Populations: Some Basic Models.

Temporal Patterns
This essay presents sources and types of temporal data (time series), shows how to handle them and how to get more information out of them. An English version is in preparation.

A pdf file with some graphs of data discussed in the essay, ready for printing to work with by hand.

Data Files & Materials
Original data files of examples of time series are found on this page.

Graphical Representation of Analytic Functions
Spreadsheets for testing important functions. Change parameters to see how they work.